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Studio Ecotecture Limited has broken into Bangladesh’s architectural scene, which has
historically been a tightly closed-off old boys’ club, and shattered the conventional molds of
building typologies.
For more than forty years of experience in design, planning and production of residential,
industrial, commercial, educational, healthcare and recreational projects as an architect in
the country and abroad, espoused an integrated approach to the design that combines
function, beauty and environment.
Throughout my career, I had the privilege to work with some of the leading organizations of
the industry that includes Concord Group (Real Estate, Concord Interior & Decors Ltd,
Concord Engineers and Construction Ltd), Dorado Design and Construction, Ruiz Brothers
in USA, Descon Chartered Architects in Singapore.
Born in Bangladesh, schooled at Faujdarhat Cadet College and graduated in Architecture
from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.
I will take the freedom to say that my organized approach and creative skills allowed me to
successfully complete outstandingly sophisticated projects of international standards on
superiority and brilliance in the design and construction sector.
Working for about ten years in USA when I returned in 2009 Studio Ecotecture Limited was
born under my leadership and so far bagged about 20 projects small and large per year
totaling over 200 projects. Small are as small as a two story bungalow to as large as public
university complex.
Alhamdulillah Studio Ecotecture Limited now can claim to rank within first three consulting
firms in the country as a full service company covering armed forces, other government and
some private well reputed organizations.

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